SmarTEST method developed by Floun Ltd is based on computer aided planning of testing together with the use of a smart probe. By using this method, the quality control of electrical center and cabinet connections can significantly be intensified and the amount of human errors will simultaneously be reduced. In testing lead times, it is possible to achieve time saving of dozens of percents already when working with small series. The method generates also an automatic testing report.

When inspecting single pieces, the benefit when compared to traditional way of testing with multimeter or other conductivity tester is the flawlessness of testing.  When more similar products are tested, significant time saving will be achieved. Additional advantage in both cases is that testing can be carried out with less moderate professional know-how and training level without damaging reliability and efficiency.

Benefits of the SmarTEST method when compared to the traditional way:

- testing person doesn't have to know how to read circuit diagrams

- new solution is faster than the traditional way; if there are more than one pieces to be tested – the more time saving, the more cabinets to be tested

- the amount of human errors is reduced

- automatic testing report is generated from the testing event